Feeding: Equipment

Perfect Feed 21

Weighing and dosing system with 70mm alpha-numeric LED back-light LCD display for optimal visibility even in the event of direct sunlight exposure or in poorly lit environments. Possibility of programming up to 50 Recipes made up of a maximum of 30 Ingredients and/or Groups (Unloads).


  • 70mm alpha-numerical LED back-light LCD display.
  • Possibility of saving up to 50 Recipes made up of a maximum of 30 Ingredients and/or Groups.
  • Possibility of programming the Name of the Recipe and up to 1500 Names of Ingredients and/or Groups.
  • Possibility of programming Recipes by Totals or by Animals Number.
  • Modify Total Recipe Function to modify the Recipe Total quickly.
  • Usage Control Function to verify the actual amount of Ingredient consumption.
  • Power-Fail Function allows resuming the Recipe from where it has been interrupted, after a power outage.
  • Possibility of carrying out a Recipe without following Ingredient and Group programming order.
  • Manual Weighing to carry out several Partial weighing operations.
  • Mixing Timer Function to facilitate food preparation.
  • Automatic counter-knives management to mix the food perfectly.
  • Weight Hold Function to prevent accidental readings when the mixing wagon moves.
  • Prealarm and Delay Time Functions can be programmed to adapt the weighing mode to the Customer's own requirements.
  • Target Weight Restore Function to prevent weighing errors.
  • Automatic Tracking and Weight Recovery Functions for improved weighing precision.
  • Programmable Digital Filter to reduce weight variations due to oscillations.
  • Automatic Weight Calibration to facilitate calibration operations in the field.
  • Use Total Time storage of the equipment to verify the real use of the weighing system.
  • Battery voltage reading to verify the charge level status.
  • Multilingual Help Messages and Displays to guide the operator in using the equipment.
  • Diagnostic programme to facilitate maintenance procedures.
  • Practical “dovetail” fixing facilitates installation.
  • Possibility of product customisation.

Technical Specifications

Display 70mm LED back-light LCD (2.76”) 6x14 segments
Visibility 20m (66ft)
Keyboard 15 mechanical buttons
A/D Converter 24-Bit Sigma-Delta
A/D Converter Input Differential
Load Cells Supply Voltage 5Vdc (protected against over-voltage and short-circuits)
Load Cells Sensitivity 0.1 ... 6.0mV/V
Load Cells Connection Max. 8 350 ohm load cells
Display Resolution 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, AUT-A, AUT-B
Unit of Weight g, kg, t, lb
Decimal Digit 0, 1, 2
Power Supply 8.5 ... 32Vdc
Power Consumption Max. 30W
Alarm Output Max. 1.5 Ampere
Operating Temperature -15°C ... +60°C (+5°F … +140°F)
Degree of Protection (EN60529) IP65
Weight 1.8kg (3.97lb)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 248x225x120mm (9.76”x8.86”x4.72”)


  • Weight Repeater Connector (RTD option).
  • 4-button Radio Control interface (RX4 option).
  • 4-button External Keyboard Connector (B4 option).
  • 3 Power Outputs Connector (U3 option).


  • Siren.
  • Junction box for Weight Sensors.
  • Weight Repeater (requires RTD option).
  • HUB CGRTD to connect 3 Weight Repeaters (requires RTD option).
  • Radio Control with 4 programmable buttons (requires RX4 option).
  • External Keyboard with 4 programmable buttons (requires B4 option).
  • Traffic Light (requires U3 option).