Feeding: Equipment


Weighing and dosing system with 70mm alpha-numeric LED back-light LCD display for optimal visibility even in the event of direct sunlight exposure or in poorly lit environments. Possibility of programming up to 30 Recipes made up of a maximum of 30 Ingredients and 12 Groups (Unloads).

Thanks to new Functions, such as Animal Appetite Percentage, Ration Balancing, Multiple Recipe, Clean-ups Management and the possibility of carrying out a Recipe in relation to the Ingredient Dry Substance Value, the Menu meets the requirements of the most innovative breeders with increased programming flexibility, increased precision in carrying out and distributing the ration and increased control of the consumed amounts.



  • 70mm alpha-numerical LED back-light LCD display.
  • Possibility of saving up to 30 Recipes made up of a maximum of 30 Ingredients and 12 Groups.
  • Possibility of programming the Name of the Recipe and up to 60 Names of Ingredients and/or Groups.
  • Possibility of programming Recipes by Totals or by Animals Number.
  • Modify Total Recipe Function to modify the Recipe Total quickly.
  • Possibility of programming the Appetite Percentage of each Animal Group in order to quickly reduce or increase the amount to distribute to the single Group.
  • Possibility of carrying out a Recipe in relation to the Ingredient Dry Substance value.
  • Ration Balancing Function to correct the amount of Ingredients to load in relation to the amount of the first Ingredient effectively loaded.
  • Multiple Recipe Function to carry out a singe Recipe even when the Animal Groups to be fed have different formulations.
  • Possibility of programming the Mixing Time within the Recipe to optimise food preparation.
  • Possibility of carrying out a Recipe without following Ingredient and Group programming order.
  • Usage Control Function to verify the actual amount of Ingredient, Group and Clean-Ups consumption.
  • Power-Fail Function allows resuming the Recipe from where it has been interrupted, after a power outage.
  • Manual Weighing to carry out several Partial weighing operations.
  • Weight Hold Function to prevent accidental readings when the mixing wagon moves.
  • Prealarm and Delay Time Functions can be programmed to adapt the weighing mode to the Customer's own requirements.
  • Target Weight Restore Function to prevent weighing errors.
  • Automatic Tracking and Weight Recovery Functions for improved weighing precision.
  • Programmable Digital Filter to reduce weight variations due to oscillations.
  • Automatic Weight Calibration to facilitate calibration operations in the field.
  • Statistical Data Storage regarding equipment use for a real control on weighing system use.
  • Battery voltage reading to verify the charge level status.
  • Multilingual Help Messages and Displays to guide the operator in using the equipment.
  • Diagnostic programme to facilitate maintenance procedures.
  • Practical “dovetail” fixing facilitates installation.
  • Possibility of product customisation.

Technical Specifications

Display 70mm LED back-light LCD (2.76”) 6x14 segments
Visibility 20m (66ft)
Keyboard 16 mechanical buttons
A/D Converter 24-Bit Sigma-Delta
A/D Converter Input Differential
Load Cells Supply Voltage 5Vdc (protected against over-voltage and short-circuits)
Load Cells Sensitivity 0.1 ... 6.0mV/V
Load Cells Connection Max. 8 350 ohm load cells
Display Resolution 1, 2, 5, 10, 50, 100, AUT-A, AUT-B
Unit of Weight g, kg, t, lb
Decimal Digit 0, 1, 2
Power Supply 9 ... 32Vdc
Power Consumption Max. 30W
Alarm Output Max. 1.5 Ampere
Operating Temperature -15°C ... +60°C (+5°F … +140°F)
Degree of Protection (EN60529) IP65
Weight 1.8kg (3.97lb)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 248x225x120mm (9.76”x8.86”x4.72”)


  • Weight Repeater Connector (RTD option).
  • Printer Connector (RS232C option).
  • 4-button Radio Control interface (RX4 option).
  • 4-button External Keyboard Connector (B4 option). 

  • Siren.
  • Junction box for Weight Sensors.
  • Weight Repeater (requires RTD option).
  • HUB CGRTD to connect 3 Weight Repeaters (requires RTD option).
  • Printer 21 (requires RS232C option).
  • Radio Control with 4 programmable buttons (requires RX4 option).
  • External Keyboard with 4 programmable buttons (requires B4 option).