Feeding: Equipment

EVO Multi-Purpose Keyboard

Remote control device for electro-hydraulic systems.

Microprocessing Equipment designed to drive the hydraulic actuator solenoid valves of a mixing wagon. The system consists of a Keyboard connected to the Power module by a cable, where the solenoid valve drivers are located.
The operation of the HVC EVO Control Unit can be fully configured from the Personal Computer using the HVC Configuration Tool software.
The HVC Configuration Tool software is specifically intended for Configuration, which determines the operation of the HVC EVO Control Unit, once it has been transferred to the Power module, establishing the relation between keystrokes and solenoid valve excitement.
Setting a dip-switch allows the selection of one of the 30 Configurations available. 


  • Up to 26 36W solenoid valves with Connector EN175301-803.
  • Possibility of selecting a 17- or 29-key keyboard.
  • Up to 30 different operating Programmes.
  • Astable, Bistable, Timed, Simultaneous and Delay Functions.
  • Emergency button.
  • Hardware and software adjustments that control proper operation.
  • Practical “dovetail” fixing facilitates installation.
  • Possibility of product customisation. 

Technical Specifications



17 or 29 mechanical keys



Keyboard: 2
Power Module: 3 

Power Supply


9 ... 18Vdc 

Power Consumption 


Max. 350W 



Max. 26 (max. 3A@12Vdc) 

Proportional Outputs 


1 (max. 1.8A@12Vdc) 

Operating Temperature


-15°C ... +60°C (+5°F … +140°F)



Keyboard: Aluminium
Power Module: ABS 

Degree of Protection (EN60529) 


Keyboard: IP65
Power Module: IP56 



17-key keyboard: 0.4kg (0.88lb) 
29-key keyboard: 0.7kg (1.54lb)
Power Module: 5kg (11.02lb)

Dimensions (L x W x H) 


17-key keyboard: 250x82x32mm (9.84”x3.23”x1.26”)
29-key keyboard: 380x82x32mm (14.96”x3.23”x1.26”)
Power Module: 255x200x100mm (10.04”x7.87”x3.94”)


  • Connector for 4 optically isolated NPN Inputs (B4 option).