Star 90-60-90

The Star series equipment is designed for an important italian company, leader in the professional beauty industry, intended for beauty and medical centres to fight skin blemishes, such as fat deposits, fluid retention, low muscle tone and stretch marks, accurately and effectively.

Designed based on the latest results of scientific and bioengineering research, it combines computer technology with user-friendly operation and, when used by experts, it can be a crucial health and beauty device.


Main Functions
  • Innovative and ergonomic design.
  • The large high contrast display makes it easier to read the messages.
  • Simple programming thanks to the User-Friendly keyboard, with LEDs indicating the enabled keys.
  • Powerful microprocessor for generating and controlling the different wave shapes.
  • Reproduction of three types of stimulation (Iterative, Pulsed, Unidirectional) for targeted training.
  • Setting extended or brief muscle stimulation of maximal or sub maximal intensity, involving all the areas of the muscular system, or specific areas.
  • 40 different treatment programmes are available.
  • Use of two types of electronic keys: Master Plan and Personal Plan. The first provides data on original Training, the second provides data on customised Training.