Sculptura Face

State-of-the-art equipment for facial and head massage, designed for an important american company, leader in the professional beauty industry.

Sculptura Face uses peristaltic pressure waves generated by a microchip that stimulates the cutaneous, muscular, blood and lymphatic system of the face effectively and intensively.

The system includes the equipment, a mask and a pair of slippers, which provide a beneficial sensation of stress relief to the feet and a feeling of lightness to the legs.
Sculptura Face is an international patented appliance (US Patent No. 6039704).


Main Functions
  • Mask structure, equipped with a combined system of 8 adjustment points, to adapt perfectly to all skull shapes.
  • Combination of two different types of massage: pneumatic massage for the occipital area obtained by using silicon blowers and finger-pressure massage to the frontal, zygomatic, maxillary and mandibular area, obtained by using silicon "fingers".
  • Generation of 9600 impulses per minute for a massage that is 20 times more effective than manual.
  • All Programmes manage different pressure waves and alternate between the active and standby phases, in order to restore a physiologically healthy condition to the skin.
  • A microprocessor controls and manages the pressures and cycles of the Programme with great accuracy.
  • Includes 5 electronic keys containing 5 different programmes: Regenerating, Toning, Couperose, Oily Skin, Wrinkles.