Replay Fitness Assistant Trainer

Professional fitness training device designed for an important Italian company, leader in the fitness industry, specific for training and strengthening every muscle in the body using electrical stimulation according to the characteristics of each individual: from the sedentary type to the most expert athlete.

By training with Replay you are guaranteed to follow the principles of athletic training, as it enhances the positive aspects of traditional training and decreases, or even eliminates in some cases, the negative or limiting ones.

It is distinguished for being extraordinarily useful in cases of recovery or rehabilitation after injuries or long periods of inactivity.

Main Functions

  • Innovative and ergonomic design.
  • The large high contrast display makes it easier to read the messages.
  • Simple programming thanks to the User-Friendly keyboard, with LEDs indicating the enabled keys.
  • Anatomical sensi-pads available in three sizes to fit the different muscle areas for stimulation.
  • Powerful microprocessor for generating and controlling the different wave shapes.
  • Reproduction of three types of stimulation (Iterative, Pulsed, Unidirectional) for targeted training.
  • Setting extended or brief muscle stimulation of maximal or sub maximal intensity, involving all the areas of the muscular system, or specific areas.
  • 20 different training programmes available, divided into 5 Training groups (Gym, Force, Power, Resistance, Start and Stop), which meet any sport requirement.
  • Use of two types of electronic keys: Master Plan and Personal Plan. The first provides data on original Training, the second provides data on customised Training.